Anti-anxiety medications cause weight gain?

A large number of people in UK are suffering from anxiety and stress. These people are dependent on anti-anxiety medications to address their anxiety issues. Anxiety is one of the growing reasons of disability among people. Some amount of anxiety is good as it will help you handle any particular situation. But persistent and uncontrolled anxiety interferes in your day-to-day activities. To live a stress-free and blissful life, it is important to treat excessive anxiety.

According to studies, most of the people rely on anti-anxiety medications to relieve anxiety. Because these medications work great for anxiety. These medications start working for anxiety in very less time. But people often think that these medications may have many side-effects. No doubt these medications have side-effects but they will fade away with time.

One of the major concerns among people is that anti-anxiety medications cause weight gain. And this is one of the major reasons people avoid taking these medications. In today’s article you will get to know if these medications cause weight gain or not.

Potential side-effects of anti-anxiety medications

Anti-anxiety medications have many side-effects out of which some are common and some are severe. Common side-effects of these medications do not last long. You don’t need to panic or worry about them. They don’t even need medical care. Common side-effects will go away with time.

You should first consult with doctor and take these medications according to doctor’s prescription. you should speak with the doctor about the potential side-effects of these medications. These medications are not permanent treatment for anxiety. Doctors prescribe these medications for short-term use only. Because these medications cause addiction and dependence when used for long-term.

Besides addiction and dependance, these medications may cause weight gain. This will only happen when you take these medications for long-term. But you don’t need to worry if you are taking these medications as per doctor’s prescription.

It indicates that weight gain is a long-term side-effect of these medications. If take these medications for short-term, you will not gain any weight.

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I would like to let you know that weight gain is not a major side-effect of these medications. If you are experiencing anxiety and not taking these medications because of weight gain concern. Then, you don’t need to worry about it. You will not gain weight because of these medications.

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